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Soul Code Book

Libri Publisher, 2014

The code of souls are never wrong. Everyone is born with a perfect body which suits it's soul the best in the most appropriate time, in the most appropriate location. The body is not a costume which chains us down, but a gift. A gift which helps us to experience miracles. To learn and create. It doesn't matter what body you were born with , it is more about how comfortable you feel yourself in it. Love your gift and be proud of it. Each soul is inimitable and unique!

One day my husband took my phone out of my hand. He uprooted me from the world of social media, virtual reality and brought me back to life again. He helped me to slow down. To notice all those things which even i have passed through silently. The world reborned around me and I felt relieved. I got rid of the rules and expectations which were made by others in order to solve my soul's code.

I have seen and experienced so many things in my life so far! I always wanted to write about these things and share my thoughts with others however I have not been able to pour them into sentences. While my husband haven't gave me the "key" to it: every story had three-three word which were hidden in each tale. In this way this book was born. From now on even if only for a moment I forget to live, truly live, i just read this book again.

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