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Reference of motivation talks

Kis-Márton Vidor

Managing director

SRE Panorama Offices Ingatlanhasznosító Kft.

"After a hard year I thought that I should do something different from organizing the usual “company party”, to thank the work for our employees and partners. After I’ve made a little research someone recommended Fanny, and everything I planned came true..moreover.. We succeeded to wake everyone, from the year-ending apathy, and all we needed was “just” Fanny: her honesty, her smile, humor and that little witchcraft in her. There was plenty of smile, some surprised faces, and a few teardrops too. I’m in big trouble now, Fanny had a really high standard, and it’s going to be hard to exceed it. :)"
„Fanny had a really high standard, and it’s going to be hard to exceed it."

Ilona Takács

Business Unit Director

T-Systems Hungary Zrt.

"I have gained a lot of experiences about motivating colleagues and shake them up from time to time through years as a leader. But is it really only the leader’s task and responsibility to keep people enthusiastic and motivated day after day? This year I have decided to do something different…something unusual. I wanted not the leader, but the workmates to work for their own motivation. I got Hozleiter Fanny, “Mosolyka” ‘s availability by accident. I thought it was worth for a try. I did some research, called her, and then I felt right away, that this is something different indeed – but something GOOD!

The inspirational-presentation shocked the audience – in a good way. They got the first shock in the moment they looked at Mosolyka. “She’s in wheelchair and she is smiling? What a weirdo!”- they thought. Her presentation was the second shock - while listening to her stories the audience went through an emotional rollercoaster, but Fanny’s message was unequivocal : everything is possible, and what’s even bigger: everything depends only on me! Fanny’s stories made the audience realize their presumed impotence, their easy lies, their excuses. Everyone felt secretly shamed after it. Fanny’s attitude to life and endless energy shows that there is no such thing as “impossible”, only powerless people.

It is useless to fight against changes, because the only thing in life what’s eternal is change. One should look for opportunities in changes and not just for difficulties. And what does it depends on? Only on one: on one’s thinking on one’s attitude on one’s self-motivation. So it depends on the ONE."
„Self-motivation is the key of long-term success"

Andrea Tekse

Training coordinator

Samsung Electronics Magyarország Zrt.

"In everyday life we often forget how to smile because we are always focusing on our problems what we have to solve. Before we get soak into it, it would be better to stop for a while and take a look at our situations again.
Mosolyka was a great 'stop' when she hold a presentation at our company which she made us realise that everything depends on us and on our positive attitude that nothing is impossible. Thank you so much that we were a part of it."
„Positive attitude helps me through even the most impossible situations."

Motivational lecture 600 staff

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