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Others said about me

"I still remember a news from a couple of years ago. The article was about a girl in a wheel chair who wanted to rent out her wheelchair's back as an advertising surface. Today she is a happy woman who gives power to the whole country. We should be thankful and grateful for you that you show the way for many people how to live in this effortful world. Thank you so much Fanny. "

Béla Kácsor /

"How should I talk about my happiness and confidence to Mosolyka who laughs at me while she lives her whole life in a wheelchair? Should I teach her for joy? Explain her? I should sit next to her wheelchair and learn from her.”

Müller Péter

„The SoulCode stories are brief tales, fulfilling the whole book with honest and truthful words which is really fascinating.

We should think about that how many things do we need to realize how many things are surrounding by us and having in this life. We should not focuse on the daily harm actions, instead we should look around us through a kid's eyeglass to open up the world. To live every single moment in the Instant Star.

Fanny made a miracle with her tales and we wish we could live in this miracle forever and ever.”

scheszti /

"Dear Mosolyka! Thank you for that amazing vibe of yours! I want to tell you, that I have a 13 years-old teenage son, who’s unfortunately not a fan of reading. I’ve tried a lot. I used to read him tales when he was younger. Later I looked for youth-romans for him. I read them too. Sometimes he was the one who choose which book to read, but he wasn’t the one who wanted it but me. He just tolerated it. He’s interested in computer-games – like everyone else in his age. A few days ago, after a half year I got into the mood of reading for him again. I choose your book called ’Soul Code’. I’ve read for him some of your lovely stories and he seems to be interested! He wants me to continue. Today he made some thoughts after it, he said: „These stories are so kind.” I still can’t believe that my teenage son could be carried away – thank to your amazing way of thinking. Thank you for writing this little book! I’m waiting every day for your posts and mails! I’m looking forward to your movie! I drink my morning coffee from your ’The choice is yours’ mug! My life keeps changing as I keep recognize the „stars of the moment”!


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