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Motivation talks

I really like making motivational presentations and trainings. I especially love when everybody opens up in the end of the program, and even the grumpiest-seeming man smiles. They can see themselves in the mirror I’m figuratively holding them. The message is different for everyone. It depends on one, what they learn from it. One of the most important things is that you can only use the power and willingness what you have inside.

So I’m not giving power on these occasions but helping them to find their inner source of it. Everyone has it, whether on the surface or deeper. There is a door to everyone’s soul and the key is paying enough attention and finding the common ground – according to my experiences. I always try to place great emphasis on that. You have to talk differently with a student and with a CEO. The key with little children is storytelling – the use of the wheelchair as a cab, whilst with the elderly is nostalgia, what’s a great source of power. One of my biggest challenges was lifting the spirits’ of a team after big redundancies.

I’m not telling others what to do – how could I? I just talk about how I survive day by day, how I get over sadness and achieve happiness. What the sources of my power are. Even if it’s only a thought, what one remembers and applies to their own lives then it’s worth it.

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