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2014 Equality Awards

Zoltán Balogh gave social and family affair awards.

Fanny Hozleiter writer and blogger got Equality Award for initiating and gaining equality in the society.

The Minister of Human Affairs and others from the Secretary of the State have given Pro Voluntarius-, Pro Caritate-, St. Christoph-, and Equality awards at the Vígadó Concert Hall.

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2013 Golden Book Awards for the Choice is yours book

Golden Book was voted by the readers.

Golden Book event took place in the year of 2014 where Márton Simon and István Csider presented a slam poetry performance, Nóra Winkler held a presentation about a free association-based play of nominated books and art pieces for the Golden Book event. Just like those books which had a set of music by András Hajós. Meanwhile organisers gave prizes to the winners for its categories and for two additional categories.

As it was announced that organisers wanted a renew for the 5th Golden Book event, and for this reason they handed e-books and special awards to the competitors. The first award was given by the publisher Ulpius whom has not just printed an edition from it but made e-book editions as well. The special award went to that publisher who got the greatest honour since the establishment of the award: Móra Publisher who has gotten 6 awards.

The informing book category winner was Fanny Hozleiter, or by her nickname Mosolyka who was talking about her two big dreams: to write her book and being able to dance on the table. According to her publisher Ádám Halmos: Mosolyka dreamt about one hundred thousand sold copies and now they truly believe that it is possible to achieve it.

The reader's favourites:

• Hungarian Documentary : Fanny Hozleiter "Mosolyka": Choice is yours book

2013 FORBES list

30 Hungarian young people who we are proud of

A list made of 30 successful, under the age of 30 Hungarian young people. There you can find participants of the Olympic Games, inventors, Deputy Chief Executives Officers, nature photographers, architects, writers, golfers, and models: great success has different faces. You can start an argument about the list but their achievements are unequivocal.

2012 Golden Blog Awards

Fanny Hozleiter's blog got the most votes from the audience in the GoldenBlog event which was listed several times in the top 10's list. Fanny Hozleiter Mosolyka is a talented blogger who writes her online narcissistic diary in 1st person singular which has general interest in the country. Her message shape the way which we should follow where the people say many times they feel under the weather. The blog's writer decided that she is going to feel herself good anyhow - she is going to live social life, visit festivals and have a good time from her wheelchair.

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