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Choice is Yours Mug

I can change very few things in a short period of time but, there is something that I definitely can: that would be my attitude. The choice is always in my hand to make decisions. To cry or to laugh. To give up and get depressed or find a solution and move forward. Panicking or focusing on my opportunities.

Make your choice and make it happen!
I made 'choice is yours' mugs to make your day good or even better. To have something next to your hot coffee, tea or a cold drink of cocoa which makes you to pay attention that you are the only one who can change your mood and how you start your day and what you make out of it. You can turn around your mug as you please.

I make every cup by hand and you can decide it's price. :)
I recommend it to everyone. I recommend it to your kids, neighbours, bosses, your best friends, to your mothers-in-law but even to the shrew, gossipy aunties who work in small shops.

2 000 HUF

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