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About me

Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka

I love Italian choclet ’n chip flavored ice cream, my freckles, but you can drive me out of the world with raisins. And so as I’m lactose-intolerant I’m not supposed to eat ice cream, but I bake delicious non-sugar, gluten-free muffins.

A few years ago I desired crowd and activity – now just quiet and peace. I chose Balaton over Budapest now.

I have some little tattoos. My favorite colors are coral and turquoise. I’m married. I love to sleep on my right. I have a sweet dog called Masni.

Although I love writing on paper with pen, I typed my books into computer – due to those length. I love the smell of and MomentStars.

Thank you for your attention, hugs : )

My motivational performances Videos about me I dreamed them for you

  • If I afraid of challanges it means that I automatically refuse the possibilities of new experiences. I don't really live.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • Habits poison the weekdays. If it is easy for someone to take the bus without any struggle or get up to the floor without elevator, it doesn't matter for him or her. He or she experinces it day by day.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • Don't huff and puff what you don't have, instead, pay attention for those things what you actually have around you.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • I have millions of reasons to be happy as you can.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • I would like to develop myself and not to make a list of what I cannot do. Success comes with experience, it always comes if I don't give up and learn how to be happy what I have and not to be sad what is missing in my life. If you do not find happyness 'living at the moment' you are not going to find any tomorrow as well. Just do it to find the moment.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • I can change only a few things in seconds but there is one thing what I actually can: it is my attitude. I have the oppoertunity to make decisions. To give up or do it. To cry or laugh. Te be depressed or solve the problem. Panicking or focusing on my chances.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • It's not my circumstances which are going to define that I am happy or not. It is me, and only me who can decide and make a decision that is a situation a catastrophe or a good option.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • I could have millions of excuses but I have goals and I'm going to keep my excuses for others. Who will join me?
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • It is not questionable that you can achieve goals or dreams, instead, are you brave enough to make it happen?
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka
  • You are the only one who have the opportunity to decide to live in happyness...and you do not need that much: breathe, see, listen and love... act like a kid: have dreams and not afraid of challanges.
    Hozleiter Fanny Mosolyka

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